Wednesday, October 30, 2013


In Michael Wesch's Machines Are Using Us he demonstrates how rapidly the internet is evolving. He explains how it is more flexible and easier to work with than writing on paper.  One point he makes is about the massive amounts of internet data. This is what he said, “Who will organize that data, we will, you will.” These words show that there really is no one person that organizes the data on the internet. Wesch also shows that the internet learns from what we click on showing it what we favor. To name a few things that the internet may change about every day life are ethics, family, and government. The very last thing that Wesch states is that the web consumes people's lives. He states that “We are the web”.     
In Michael Wesch's Machines Are Using Us he shows the rapid pace the internet learns about the people who use it and it is starting to get out of control. He suggests the internet is un-monitored and is taking in so much data that it's impossible to monitor. The internet can be a dangerous place because on the internet there are no secrets. People should be more careful about what they do on the internet to gain more of their life back. Sadly the internet has taken over our lives so much that to shut it down would me riots in the streets, so that is out of the question. the internet is useful in more ways than it is not, it should stay around. It just has to be more highly monitored than it is currently.


  1. Good ideas in your summary, but make sure to proofread as there are a number of errors. Also, make sure to eliminate personal words.

    With your response, make sure to take a position. You didn't take a side. Then, use examples to support your position.


  2. Great points and example of something you saw yesterday.

  3. Good ideas throughout. Make sure in your response that there is more of an opinionated topic sentence to support what you are saying.