Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Doctor Michael Wesch's “A Vision Of Students Today” he classifies technology as a disfigured way of learning. He states that students use their computers or other technology for means other than learning when in a classroom environment. In the video “A Vision Of Students Today” the students give facts about their learning experience with  technology. Most of the students show statistics that don’t support technology.
Doctor Micheal Wesch disagrees with technology as a way of learning because it is supposedly a way of escape from the learning environment Although it can be, it is also helpful in many ways. Some of those ways are the ability to look up a word or definition. Technology can also be used for a way of getting in touch with a teacher when you are struggling in a subject. In Doctor Michael Wesch's "A Vision of Students Today" he state that technology is a broken way of learning but there is more potential for it than anyone can know.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why Do I Read/Write/Think.

To me reading is like a movie in your hand if it’s a good book. Reading is an easy way to learn or be entertained. A lot of times reading helps me understand pictures or videos.
I believe we read to understand and communicate. For me I am able to somewhat understand different languages when I am able to read it.
When I read I make a movie in my head and if I don’t understand then I reread.
In reading it’s hard for me to stay focused on a piece of material when i don't find it interesting.
I know I am successful when i feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a book.
My role is to understand the book how the writer meant it to be understood.

To me writing is like child abuse. So when I here writing it means pain and suffering to me but I hope to change that this year.
We write so we can  explain something to someone without being face to face.
When I write it helps me to think out what i’m going to write before I actually start writing.
When I get confused with a piece of writing I like to have someone proofread it.
When I write it is easy for me to get distracted.
I feel successful when my proofreader tells me it is a good piece of writing.
My role as a writer is to write to the best of my ability.

Thinking is what goes on in my head before I execute any task like reading or writing.
We think so that we don’t screw up more than once on any one thing.
When i think it’s like an in head bullet list.
I try to rethink if I get confused or sometimes I bounce some ideas off of people.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when I am thinking really hard about a deep subject.
I am a successful thinker when i have made a decision.
My role is to make decisions.