Friday, January 31, 2014

mitchell r pln editorial

In The Angry Snowboarders “The Olympics Don’t Define Snowboarding” he acknowledges the issue of people trying to define snowboarding for something it is not. He tells of an interview with Bob Costas where he describes Slope-style snowboarding as a Jackass type stunt. All this talk of snowboarding not being what people want it to be is said to have left a sour taste in the mouths of the people who eat sleep and breathe the sport. This is all because of people trying to make snowboarding something it is not. In “The Olympics Don’t Define Snowboarding” by The Angry Snowboarder, he shows that all the negative energy towards snowboarding is making snowboarders even more defiant and willing to do whatever it takes to further the sport in the Olympics.
“The Olympics Don’t Define Snowboarding” talks about people trying to make snowboarding something it is not which is really dumb because if they don’t due the sport then why do they give a rip about what snowboarding is or is not. Why can't Bob and hair piece go pick on a different sport. Another point is if the people who decided to put snowboarding in the Olympics didn't think it would become more popular then why did they put it in in the first place. Also snowboarding has been in the Olympics at least long enough to have as many types as skiing. In "The Olympics Don't Define Snowboarding" by the angry snowboarder we are shown what snowboarding has become in the eyes of some viewers.


  1. Mitchell-

    A good summary but at times repetative. Make sure to focus on summarizing and avoiding opinion by attributing ideas to the author. Name the author as well.

    In your summary, watch the maturity of your response. Also, make sure to lengthen the response by having at least 2-3 points you need to get across. Finally, end with a concluding sentence.


  2. Better- but expand in response.