Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Doctor Michael Wesch's “A Vision Of Students Today” he classifies technology as a disfigured way of learning. He states that students use their computers or other technology for means other than learning when in a classroom environment. In the video “A Vision Of Students Today” the students give facts about their learning experience with  technology. Most of the students show statistics that don’t support technology.
Doctor Micheal Wesch disagrees with technology as a way of learning because it is supposedly a way of escape from the learning environment Although it can be, it is also helpful in many ways. Some of those ways are the ability to look up a word or definition. Technology can also be used for a way of getting in touch with a teacher when you are struggling in a subject. In Doctor Michael Wesch's "A Vision of Students Today" he state that technology is a broken way of learning but there is more potential for it than anyone can know.

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  1. Mitchell-

    You have a really good start on a summary except you only have one point supporting what Wesch is saying, you need to spell his name correctly Dr. Michael Wesch, and you need to put your sentences in order to develop a more well written paragraph.

    With your response, I need to see the title of the video and you need to proofread. Also, make sure to eliminate all personal words from the response. You have really good points and examples, but they are lost by your lack of proofreading. You should end your paragraph with a clear concluding sentence.