Thursday, September 5, 2013

In Alison Gopnik’s “What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind?”, she describes the weak points of the average teenage brain.  Ms. Gopnik states that adolescents begin puberty earlier and start adulthood later. She states that some of the mishaps that happen at adolescents are a result of emotional motivation. Reckless behavior is not because teens underestimate risks, but because they overestimate rewards. Gopnik explains that what teens want most of all are social rewards. She gave an example of this when she conducted a driving test and if the adolescent driver thought that a friend was watching then they would start driving more recklessly to show off or impress said friend. In Alison Gopnik’s “What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind?” she enlightens societies’ minds to the minds of adolescents.

In this article Alison Gopnik describes some of the weirdness that goes on in the teenage brain. Even though some of her topics are true like wanting to be at a higher social class and recklessness at times others are not like there are many teen that have jobs or are persistent at trying to get one. Social media can be a way to become higher on the social pyramid but it is also a way to do homework find the one for you to start a career for yourself. Teen feel pressure from everyone to make the right decisions, “make good friend choices.” is one that my parents frequently tell me. Many teens are looked at as irresponsible or lazy but that is not true although we can be at time most  of the time we are forced to deal with responsibilities that no one person should ever have to go through. Although there are many thing in this article that ring true, many require a perspective from the teen point of view.       

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