Wednesday, September 18, 2013


In Blake Boles “ What Could You Do With $20,000” he gives options for people who either don’t know what they want to do with their life after high school or who don’t want to be things like professors, doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Mr. Boles states that you might end up over qualified and under employed, and in this situation, collage may have closed more doors than it has opened.  He suggests many thing that you could do, one example is, dedicating 4500 dollars to going somewhere new and staying there for six months. Near the end of his presentation he tell the purpose of doing all this stuff, “the power of self directed learning.” In the video “What Could You Do With $20,000” Blake Boles shows the power of self directed learning.

In the  video “What could you do with $20,000” Blake Boles shows the assets of self directed learning. He gives many thoughtful ideas on what you could do with $20000 or less. His ideas showcase the brilliance of waiting to go to college to gain life experience. Although, you would have to be a very driven person with lots of self control so that you wouldn’t be tempted to spend money on unnecessary wants. If someone did not have those traits then would Mr. Boles’s  plan break down? Did he consider what to do after your year of adventure? In Blakes Boles “What Could You DO With $20,000” he ponders the education of our generation.

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  1. Mitchell-

    Proofread your response as there are a number of errors both through the use of personal words, and sentences not properly composed. You have good ideas in your summary, but some of them need to be reorganized to better support your overall point.

    With your response, where is the why to your topic sentence. Rather than asking questions in your response, use examples to support your argument and points. Make sure you have at least two concrete examples with explanations as support for what you are saying.