Sunday, September 29, 2013

x and y intercepts

The X-intercept is where the line on a graph hits the (X,0). The Y-intercept is where the line on the graph hits the points (0,Y).
Example:   Y=2x+4  to find the Y intercept substitute a 0 in for X making the equation Y=2*0+4 or Y=4 meaning the Y-intercept is (0,4). For the X-intercept you have to substitute 0 in for the Y like this 0=2x+4 then you have to figure out what to multiply 2 by to cancel out the 4. in this case the x is 2, 0=2(2)+4 making the X-intercept (2,0).
To remember which is which just substitute 0 in for the one you aren't trying to find.   

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  1. Thanks Mitchell.

    Do you think you did an adequate job explaining how to do this so that someone who didn't know how to do it would be able to?

    Also, when I multiply 2 by 2 and add 4 I get 8, not 0 . . .