Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today's Price of Gas in Australia


      Okay you start with your value  so 1 AUS $ over 1 liter. multiply that by the exchange from 1 AM $ to 1 AUS $ which is 1.07 $ for 1 $. multiply the to then divide by the bottom. do the same with the next conversion.

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  1. Thanks Mitchell, but can you revise this a bit? I'm not sure where you got $1 american dollar was the same as .924 australian dollars - the currency exchange site I linked to for you doesn't show that. Second, Australian gas is not $1 australian dollar per liter - again, the site I linked you to gives you that information. Finally, go back and look at the prompt - you need to explain how you did this as if you were explaining to someone who didn't know how to do this problem - I don't think your explanation quite accomplishes that, does it?