Thursday, September 12, 2013


In the documentary produced by Lee Hirsch “Bully” she sheds light on the epidemic of bullying and what is happening as a result of bullying. In the beginning of the movie she shows the parents of a boy who had committed suicide as a result of bullying. The bullying had been a part of his school career for a long time and continued until his death at age 17. The bullying that occurs throughout the documentary varies between the different people. She shows snippets of a kid named Alex on the bus rides to and from school the kids are brutally mean not just physically but emotionally as well. In “Bully” by Lee Hirsch, she shows the importance to fight against bullying.  

In the documentary produced by Lee Hirsch “Bully” she gives a tone of distress for these children in the fact that they would move so far as to take their own life, one of the kids being only 11 when he took his own life as a result of bullying. There has to be something people can do to prevent tragedies like this from happening. Things have to be done by people in positions of power to make a difference. The friends of these kids speak up about the bullying but for anything to change someone with the ability to discipline has to do their job.  

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  1. Mitchell-

    Good ideas, but let's strengthen them a bit. Name who or what your pronouns are referring to. Clarify in your sentences the point Hirsch is trying to get across and Hirsch is able to do that (what examples prove the big ideas).

    With your response, make sure your response topic sentence is an argumentative one. With your response, it should begin with a topic sentence that uses the title, author, strong verb, argument and why. Make sure there are at least two clear examples that connect back to your topic sentence argument. End with concluding sentence.